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Side modal

An example of displaying a modal window on the side will be described here. For this you won't need js or project setup. We'll make do with just classes to css.

We can have the following class in css:

.modal-container:has(.modal-sidebar) {
    /*Move modal to right*/
    display: grid;
    grid-auto-columns: max-content;
    justify-content: end;

/*Change animation only for sidebar modal*/
.modal-list-enter-from .modal-sidebar,
.modal-list-leave-to .modal-sidebar{
    transform: translateX(100px) !important;


  • .modal-container is the class in which the modal window is located, it used by the library.
  • .modal-sidebar is the name of the class that you set in your modal component.
  • .modal-list-enter-from and .modal-list-leave-to animation classes, also created by the library.

Here we have established that the modal window will appear on the right. Now in the modal window itself we will indicate this class at the very top level:

	<div class = "modal-sidebar">

It is important not to forget that these css properties must be specified in the global scope, because they should be available not only to the modal the window, but also the container itself.

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