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To change the settings jenesius-vue-modal you need to use function config. You can influence the handling of pressing Esc, name of animation, scroll lock, etc:

import {config} from "jenesius-vue-modal";
    // Params

The configuration object has the following properties:

  • scrollLock Default value is true. If installed value true, opening a modal window will block scroll on page.
  • animation Default value is modal-list. Used to set the animation name for transition-group. Read more can be found on this page.
  • escClose Default value is true. Controls closing modal window by pressing Esc.

For Namespace

If you are working with a different namespace than the original one, you need to take care of the closure yourself.

  • backgroundClose Default value is true. Parameter is responsible for closing the modal window by clicking on the darkened background. In case, if set to true, clicking on the back area will cause the modal window to close.

  • skipInitCheck Default value is false. Is used for checking for the presence of container on the page when the modal is opened window. When you try to open a modal window you will receive an error NotInitilized. If your project assumes that the container will create after opening the modal window, you can pass value true. Thus skipping the container check procedure.

  • store Default value is {}. Used for storage modal windows and opening them by key. You can read more in detail on here.

Released under the MIT License.