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Navigation Guards


Sometimes it is necessary to catch the closing of a modal and manage this state. This can be useful to prevent the user from closing the modal until they have entered input, or to send a request to the server.

If the handler returns false or throws an error , closing the modal window will be interrupted.

Jenesius Vue Modal provides three ways to catch closures:


The openModal and pushModal methods return Promise, which, if successful, will return the modalObject object. In order to catch the closing of a modal window, you need to add an event onclose to this object:

import {openModal} from "jenesius-vue-modal";
const modal = await openModal(VueComponent);

let count = 5;

modal.onclose = () => {
    if (count > 0 ) return false; //The modal window will be closed after five attempts.

EXAMPLE If several modal windows are open, and one of them will have an onclose handler that returns false, you can close only those modal windows that were opened after it.

import {pushModal, closeModal} from "jenesius-vue-modal";

const modal1 = await pushModal(VueComponent);
const modal2 = await pushModal(VueComponent);
const modal3 = await pushModal(VueComponent);

modal2.onclose = () => false;

closeModal(); // close only modal3

In-Component Guards

Finally, the navigation hook can be specified directly in the component using the following options:

  • beforeModalClose
const Foo = {
	template: "...",
	beforeModalClose() {
		// has access to the context of the component instance this.

Composition Api

While you can still use built-in functions, Jenesius Vue Modal provides functions for the Composition API:

import {onBeforeModalClose} from "jenesius-vue-modal"

export default {
  setup() {
    onBeforeModalClose(() => {
      const answer = window.confirm(
        "Do you really want to leave? You have unsaved changes!"
      if (!answer) return false

Async Guards

The navigation hook can be asynchronous. The modal window will be closed only when it finishes its work:

    async beforeModalClose(){
        await updateData();
const modal = await openModal(Modal);
modal.onclose = () => {
    return new Promise(resolve => {
        setTimeout(resolve, 1000); // The modal will be closed after one second.

Close event

Each modal close handler get window parameter: event-close

modal.onclose = (event) => {
	// ...

This event stores information about how the modal window is closed. Detailed information about it, about the way to prevent Closing a modal window by background or by pressing the Esc key can be read here.