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This article will be divided into two blocks: methods of closing and methods closing modal windows.

Opening a window

To open modal windows, use one of the following methods: openModal, pushModal, promptModal. Each of these methods will considered separately. However, what these methods have in common are parameters that are passed there:

  • VueComponent or String. First required parameter. Specifies the component to be rendered. If a string is transmitted that the component will be taken from the storage. Detailed information about the storage can be found here.
  • props. The second parameter is optional. Represents a set parameters that will be passed to the component as props.
  • options. Third optional parameter. it can indicate additional parameters that will affect the behavior of modals windows Has type Object with the following properties:
    • namespace. Optional parameter of type string. Specifies which namespace the modal window will belong to. If this parameter is not specified, the modal window will be opened in standard container. You can read more about namespace here.
    • backgroundClose. Optional parameter with type boolean. By default, it uses the value specified in configuration. If value is set to false, then closing the modal window by clicking on background will not be possible.


The openModal method is used to display the component in the container modal window. Before showing the modal window the method will close everything open windows and, if successful, will open a new one.

Return value

The method will return a Promise, which, if the modal opens successfully, windows will return ModalObject.

import {openModal} from "jenesius-vue-modal";
import VueComponent from "AnyVueComponent.vue";

const props = {title: "Hello"};
openModal(VueComponent, props) // Promise<ModalObject>
// AnyVueComponent.vue
	export default {
		props: {
			title: String


The pushModal method is used to show a modal window, but, in unlike openModal, it does not close previously open modal windows, but shows the new one on top of the others. In other words, this method is simply adds a new window to the queue.

import {pushModal} from "jenesius-vue-modal"

pushModal(VueComponent) // Promise<ModalObject>


To close only the last opened modal window - use the popModal method.


Sometimes the main purpose of a modal window is to return data.In this case, the modal window acts as a certain stage of your interface. It is for such cases that the method was developed promptModal.

Its main difference from the two previous methods is that it does not return object ModalObject. Return value - Promise, if successful, will return the result that you decided to return from your modal window. Essentially the data is modal windows can be thought of as functions. You conveyed meanings in them, they returned the result.

Also, this function does not close previously opened windows, but adds new on top.

To return a value from a modal window, use the event Modal.EVENT_PROMPT:

import ModalCode from "./ModalCode.vue"
import {promptModal} from "jenesius-vue-modal"

const code = await promptModal(ModalCode);
	<button @click="handleClick">Click</button>
	import {Modal} from "jenesius-vue-modal";

	export default {
		methods: {
			handleClick() {
				// This event will close the modal window and return Math.random()
				// as a result of Promise
				this.$emit(Modal.EVENT_PROMPT, Math.random());

If the modal window was closed without Modal.EVENT_PROMPT (for example, clicking on the background), then the Promise will be executed with the value null.


There is no need to call the modal window's close method when you use mechanism Modal.EVENT_PROMPT. The library will do this for you.

Closing a window

To close modal windows, you can use two methods: closeModal and popModal. These methods accept one optional parameter describing the closing settings modal she. An option represents an object with the following properties:

  • namespace. A string value indicating from which spaces need to be removed. If no value is specified, closes window from the default space.
// Closing modal windows without a parameter

// Closing the last modal from
// "notification" spaces
popModal({namespace: "notification"});


Method for closing all modal windows. If in the parameters namespace is passed, then windows will be closed only from the required one space.

import {closeModal} from "jenesius-vue-modal"



To close only the last modal window that was open using pushModal.

import {popModal} from "jenesius-vue-modal"


Released under the MIT License.